Sales Factor Enterprises is a premiere Sales Performance Improvement company. Our ROI-E's Process has been designed to deliver a measurable return on your investment. Unique to the marketplace, the ROI-E's process evolved over 2 years of research in the area of behavioral sales skills. The Examination phase of the process identifies the "money-making" skills of top performers and points the Execution phase of the training initiative in the right direction. The unprecedented proven success rate of the process is validated during the Evaluation  phase.

Sales Factor Enterprises is a proud supporter of The Children's Wish Foundation of Canada.

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The Value of Coaching 


How we achieved a 20 to 1 ROI

"Yes that ROI is a true documented figure but it’s not easy to achieve unless you are willing to take the following steps:"

Step 1: "Choose your training partner carefully.  We chose Sales Factor because their system was practical (not too much theory) and most important, measureable.  We didn’t know what to train on but the Sales Factor team helped us identify the sales gaps with their behavorial assessment process."

Step 2: "With Sales Factor’s sustainment process we followed the training sessions with in-depth accountability reviews which told us that we were on the right track.  Key point #2 is that training is not an event, but an ongoing process that must be supported."

Step 3: "Leadership; don’t delegate this responsibility.  I have participated on every sustainment session with our sales people and the message is clear: If the President can make time for this then it must be very important.  The sales people know it and in our case delivered market share increases and price increases in a very tough economy."

- Rod Staveley, President

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